Who is Vigorplant?

Vigorplant Italia was founded in 1975 as a small craft business, and has gone on to become a leading soil producer. Thanks to its continuous investments in technology and innovation, as well as its constant attention to the selection of the raw materials, the company has undergone a significant expansion over the years. Today, in fact, the company boasts a widespread presence throughout the Italian market and has expanded its activities to include an area of nearly 270 thousand square meters, thus becoming the largest Italian company, and the third largest European company, in terms of sales volume and quality, as well as in terms of the variety of substrates that it offers to both gardening enthusiasts and professionals alike.
Vigorplant’s continued growth has resulted in the creation of a new logistics centre in order to better manage the storage and transport of the materials, thus optimizing time and space.

Today, the company is capable of offering industry leading services, with a diverse range of professional substrates and special formulas to satisfy every client’s specific needs.
Since the year 1990, the heart of Vigorplant’s production activities has been in Fombio, and it is here that the market’s best sphagnum peat materials are sent for processing. These peat materials, which are selected based on their structural characteristics, are graded and blended with other raw materials, along with fertilizers, carbonate and other additives, in order to obtain the desired physical and chemical characteristics. The substrates have always been formulated in order to meet the needs of each specific plant species, to the point that Vigorplant now boasts over 400 different formulations, each of which has been developed by the company’s highly-qualified technical department. The superb quality of all Vigorplant products is ensured thanks to the careful inspections that are carried out along the entire production chain, from the procurement process to the packaging of the final product.

Production area

  • The new production facility for professional soils, with an average hourly production of 20,000 bags;
  • The Research, Development and Inspection Laboratory;
  • The raw materials storage facility, for up to 200,000 m2;
  • The covered warehouse;
  • Finished-product storage, up to 60,000 pallets;
  • Waiting lanes for loading and unloading, over 100 trucks/day;
  • Sales and logistics offices;
  • The production facility for hobby gardening soils;
  • The management offices.


Relocation of the company to a 4,000 m2 facility in the municipality of Guardamiglio.


Launch of the professional soils.


Expansion of the production area with the purchase of an additional 25,000 m2, for a total surface area of 45,000 m2.


Further expansion of the logistics area, for a total of 100,000 m2.


Construction of the new storage yard, for an additional 75,000 m2.


Spectacular television debut on the main networks, including Rai, Mediaset and LA7.