Vigorplant has obtained FSC® certification for the wood fibres present in a number of its soil products. The FSC® marking identifies products containing wood materials from forests that are managed properly and responsibly, in accordance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.


Legambiente is Italy’s most widespread environmental organization for safeguarding the territory and protecting its environmental and cultural resources. The Nautilus universal soil bears the Lagambiente marking in recognition of its suitability for ecological and environmentally sustainable gardening activities.


Vigorplant is pleased to present the new logo that serves to identify all organic products that have been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The marking that’s been selected for the organic products is represented by a high-impact yet elegant logo bearing the images of green leaves with dew drops; the objective is to allow the consumer to immediately recognize all of Vigorplant’s organic products in order to promote the expansion of this innovative and rapidly expanding field of consumption.


Vigorplant has been making use of Clean Energy for several years: environmentally friendly energy that’s produced exclusively from renewable sources.