Production cycle

The excellent quality of VIGORPLANT substrates is guaranteed by the use of select materials and technologically advanced systems.

In fact, our production facility receives the best sphagnum peat mosses on the market: the milled and semi-processed variety from Ireland, as well as blocks of the Baltic variety from Latvia and Lithuania, arrive at the grading facility, where the different grain sizes are obtained. The pumice, lapilli, perlite, clay, zeolite and silica sand materials (PHASE 1) are all of Italian origin.

The peats, which are selected based on their structural characteristics, are graded and blended with other raw materials, along with fertilizers, carbonate and other additives. The substrates, which are subjected to rigorous quality tests during the production phase, are formulated to meet the needs of each specific plant species (PHASE 2).

Once the product has passed the quality testing, it’s packaged using new technologies that have never before been applied in this sector, including the use of an anthropomorphic robot for packing the goods in bales (PHASE 3), which are subsequently transferred to the storage yard, capable of accommodating up to 60,000 pallets (PHASE 4). From there, the packaged product is forwarded on to the best sales points and plant nurseries (PHASE 5).

Phase 1 - Arrival of the raw materials

Phase 2 - Blending of the raw materials

Phase 3 - Product packaging

Phase 4 - Merchandise storage and shipment

Phase 5 - Arrival of the merchandise at the best sales points and plant nurseries