Quality and the environment

quality quality

Vigorplant produces soils for landscaping, gardening and plant nurseries, which are characterized by consistently high levels of quality. In order to obtain soils with these characteristics, Vigorplant makes use of raw materials that satisfy the company’s pre-established standards, blends them using computer-controlled systems, constantly monitors each stage of the process and subjects the final product to stringent quality tests.


The soils'main components include the best Northern European sphagnum peat mosses, which are mixed with other organic and mineral components, such as pumice, lapilli and silica sand, in order to obtain the desired chemical and physical characteristics.

Vigorplant receives its Baltic peat directly from the areas in which it is collected in the form of bricks, which are ground up in house and sieve-graded in order to allow for the selection of well-defined grain sizes and to ensure the consistent quality of the finished product. The Irish peat arrives at the Vigorplant facility pre-graded to the desired grain size, in both the brown variety, which is widely appreciated for its high quality and uniformity, as well as the black variety, which is rich in humic acids and has a good residual structure.


The company’s in-house storage of considerable quantities of raw materials allows it to seamlessly overcome periods of material shortages, as well as to maintain consistently high quality levels for its finished products.
All of the raw materials that are used to produce Vigorplant soils are inspected upon their arrival at the production facility in order to make sure that they meet the physical, chemical and biological characteristics required by the production standards.

During the blending and homogenization process, soil samples are taken and immediately analyzed in order to verify the consistency of the chemical parameters. The uniformity of the packaging volumes, on the other hand, is checked during the packaging stage in compliance with the official EN 12580 regulations. The resulting data is stored in the production archives in order to allow for the characteristics of the various production lots to be traced if necessary.


As of 2008, Vigorplant has been operating in an increasingly conscientious and responsible manner with regard to the Environment and the Company itself, pledging to increase its own efforts in order to render the company’s activities even more environmentally sustainable and eco-efficient.
With regard to the product, and in collaboration with Legambiente, the Vigorplant technical department has been developing a range of environmentally friendly substrates of high agronomic performance for a number of years.

he company is also committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its packaging materials and its soil products, and has initiated a number of collaborations for this purpose.