For all indoor and outdoor flowering plants and greenery

Vigorplant Completo professional potting soil is an excellent substrate obtained by skilfully mixing particularly valuable organic and mineral matrices. The result is everything that true potted-plant lovers could wish for. In fact, Vigorplant Completo encompasses all the qualities of professional substrates, bringing them into the reality of our homes. Each raw material is selected and added in just the right amount to enhance its particular qualities: • 23% COIR PITH, 0–5 mm: an eco-friendly and renewable raw material with high free porosity. With its stable structure, it gives the substrate a high water absorption capacity over time, even after the substrate has become significantly dehydrated. • 27% IRISH PEAT, 0–5 mm: a particularly fine ingredient that guarantees oxygenation at the roots and prevents waterlogging. It is perfect for ensuring a supply of nutrients over time and a stable substrate structure. • SLOW-RELEASE FERTILIZER: this mixed fertilizer based on nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium delivers nutrients to the plants gradually, following their growth and production. • 14% VOLCANIC PUMICE, 3–8 mm: a light, porous volcanic rock added in just the right amount to guarantee optimal drainage of excess water, whether due to rain or watering. • 36% SUPERFINE PEAT, 0–10 mm: Vigorplant has specifically chosen this select material because it makes the soil softer and better draining, while increasing moisture retention and supplying organic matter.

Technical sheet

23% Coconut granules 0-5mm

This refined component, one the best Baltic peats on the market, can offer softness to the substrate, by avoiding water stagnation and by gradually regulating the supply of nutrients.

27% irish peat 0-5 mm

It is a particularly refined ingredient that guarantees the oxygenation of the roots and avoids water stagnation, which is optimal for maintaining a stable substrate structure over time.

Slow-release fertilizers

Compound mineral fertilizers based on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, gradually transfer their nutritional elements to the cultivated plants, by following their growth and production phase.


A light and porous volcanic rock; if dosed in the correct quantity, it guarantees excellent drainage of excess water or rainwater.


Vigorplant has appropriately selected this refined material because it can make the soil more draining and softer while increasing water retention and its organic substance.


Coir pith, 0–5 mm
Irish peat, 0–5 mm
Volcanic pumice, 3–8 mm
Superfine peat, 0–10 mm


Concime minerale composto NPK + microelementi.


pH (H2O)
6,0 – 7,0
0,30 – 0,40 dS/m