High porosity inert

Selected grain size 8-14 mm

It is a natural inert of volcanic origin which can be used as soil improver mixed with substrates to increase drainage and aeration functions of the roots drainage and aeration functions, especially for plants which particularly suffer water stagnation. It can also be used as a decorative mulch to replace other inert materials such as lapillus to give a light and elegant colour, making it ideal for creating hanging gardens and flower beds. It is an inert material with a selected grain size of 8-14 mm, ideal for the development of all plants, capable of keeping the soil well-drained and airy.

Technical sheet

O2 plus optimal ventilation

The specific combination of the components of this specific blend favours an optimal oxygenation in the root system.

To lighten flowerpots

Pomice, if placed on the bottom of large planters or pots, avoids filling the containers with soil only, so as to be less heavy.

A stable and lasting product

This particular inert ensures durability and stability over time so as to always ensure good oxygenation on the roots.




Grain size
8–14 mm