Green retailers

The attention and expertise we put in the creation of customized products for our professional customers are the same that guide us in making our products available for the general public.

A wide range of solutions available for your plants, to help you get the best result – a professional result.

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Our partners: green professionals


The Mazzini plant centre and garden centre has been specialized in the cultivation of floral and nursery plants since the 1960s.

Garden Schio is a family-run garden center in the province of Vicenza. With 6 thousand square meters covered, Garden Schio specializes in the sale of greenery and flowering plants.

Mondo Verde is a garden center, and a show room, entirely dedicated to the world of green in all of its aspects.

he Florpagano company in Ruvo di Puglia produces seasonal flowering plants, such as cyclamen.

Planta Vivai by Guido Caravaggio is specialized in the cultivation, from the seed to the final plant, of succulent and cactus plants.

The Serafini Rino agricultural company in Trentino is active in the production of red fruits, in particular strawberries and raspberries.

For about thirty years, the agricultural company Pastor in Albenga has been dealing with the production of potted basil plants, which it grows from seeds to adult plants.

Centro Verde, located in Caravaggio, province of Bergamo, is a 65,000-meter garden centre specializing in vegetable, fruit, bonsai and balcony plants.

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Product catalogue

To facilitate the choice of the soil according to your own needs, Vigorplant has designed a new graphic, which identifies 5 different product lines that are identified by their background colour.

Our materials for your retail store

A coordinated graphic for all POP materials allows the creation of a well-rounded experience in every brand touchpoint, and strengthens the brand also in terms of retail stores. The new carton box design is perfect for placing products inside the store sections, and is available for the following plants: orchids, cactuses, bonsais, perlites.

There is a great agronomic expertise inside a vigorplant soil bag

Researching for raw materials, creating our own blends to obtain exactly the desired result, carrying out qualitative analyses along the entire production process: these are the factors that allow us to offer you a constant high-quality standard in every Vigorplant product.

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